What would Puss in Boots do?

"With nine live,one destiny here come Puss to become the legend"

ooooooo... i need heroin too.Like this:

But i'm very sure Brad pitt not give permission to catch his heroin because Angelina Jolie love to see my cute face..sigh!!

 Oohhhh....Really!!!!just for your..hahahahha
Need your help humpty dumpty. i love to get heroin to save our world.

Maybe she love to be your partner Puss.Show you the 'Bad kitty' Kitty Softpaws.'

Now my spirit become more energy.The passion be higher to defeat the bad guy. They really bad guy.I don't know..But i plan the strategy to defeat them.Here sweaty.I need your help...

I need the magic sword.Yeah!!to be more powerful.How can????like thurdercat..

Before that can you sms my other friend.To get their help..MASKED RIDER CAT

With their power and magic, there’s no way the bad guys can escape this time !..gotcha!!!
” Puss, can you help us? We have no time to waste! ” *milk milk milk…* Take Nuffnang for free Ticket.Really love to watch this movie

Puss in Boots

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